Romulaizer Pardo English texts

Would you love him?

His soul has no shape

in the hell that his memories complete

and he cannot even cry

until the sunset time of the pallid seed.

He felt once in a lifetime

that light was the essence of  everything.

But he knew the darkness and he knew the suffer

of living in a small room with a tight window

and a tight view with a false blood and a false face

with a single pain above his body and his shame

of being a single in love man.

He grew up with sorrow

and feeling loneliness all around

maybe he never loose his smile

but he lost his love and his peace

he lost his though and his sense

once in a lifetime

when he knew a girl

one single terrifying night.

Now it’s too late for heal

because the hungry flows of nothingness

appears inside him and nobody can rescue

the shining of his inner sun

that childhood shining voice

of tenderness and corn

of happiness and joy.

Which hell is inside him that colapse his sight?

He just remember he was a boy

he went to school

believing in love

that magic feeling

that fill it all.

He used to play the guitar and wrote

poetry attempts with music soul.

Suddenly a mysterious air pass through him,

that spring night that changes his mind,

and cross his head,  and change his soul, and aim his body

into a destructive energy and feeling, into an evilness fight

between the woman images he saw

and the inner destruction of him and his world.

Suddenly he change and he decides to pay attention to dead.

And the dead were near him and one single hell arose inside him.

And he started to suffer and he begun to watch

the darkness and the pain and the sorrow and the hate

as his natural skin, as his medium to fulfill

his destructive way of live, his impatient fantasy

unforgivable of delay

the biggest ache he never felt.

Ten years today

a life without strength, his soul

is ending badly and he cannot forget

that girl

that danced at night

that broke his ear

that touch his sight

that made him miserable

that he never met.

It’s just a tale

you would say.

He is alive waiting to be take

of a single loving woman

that can make him transcend

all those years of sorrow and disgrace.

Would you love a man like him?

Would you be interested to be

a piece of heaven for one single man

that can’t forgive.

Would you know him?

Would you hear him?

Would you love him?

Please don’t tell

the sequence of regret

would you love this man?




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