Rómulo Pardo Urías escribe

Anger machine

Deep the sky
Blue my sight
Shining a memory of your
Deep breath inside my ear
And nothing right
Nothing else legal but my sadness
Born that night
Burning myself inside
Since there untill here.
The sky makes love with the moon
We don’t even loved us
And I hate this life that
Keep us away from ourselves.
That night I decided to leave
The sky and the light
To  submerge myself
Into the deep and poor sorrow
Of my destroyed ego and name.
Then, when your image became
This huge ghost, my tongue confirmed the holly punishment
Of being a desertic human: forgotten youth my will and voice.
Your single beauty is not the reason to eat the dust of your dance. And I will never stoped this anger machine. You are the poisoned flower who has killed
A piece of my heart.

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