Rómulo Pardo Urías escribe

The false episode of an epic collapsing sex machine

language of tits

Time was the bound

of silence tongue

and the bound was time

speak it with the tits language

because a tender force lived

inside of the rain.language of tits

One night

filled, an atom filled too of misery

inner force of sexual shape calling.pene

And the claims goes to nowhere

like a shadow on the mouth

because the step was given and aims

to the end of kisses and touches

and forbidden was all the nudity

and the ritual begun.

chichis2Opening as an oysternalgasfinal

the legs and the private parts,

and all the infinite brown of nipples

infinite too,

and all the mask of the oil of love.

That summer, -this summer too-

that day, that force -this force too-

between single bodies and single times

collapsed every petting and they were younglanguage of tits

and gifted and black, and they were unloved: oxide

dust of metalic lovers metalic punch of sex communion.

Under their hands and under their tongues

lived a temptention of horny size

jumbo sized horny collapse: the machine

of being alonepene

of being all lonelyness comitment

all lonely perverted imagination

destroying love and peace and reminding

the impulse of the flesh and the bloodnalgasfinal

and the inner clock: the hormonal instict

called violent tenderness

violent spittlepene

violent throwback penetration.

This machine never stops

behind and in front of every toy

chichis2every momentary collapsing sexlanguage of tits

moment that were filled with

penethe biggest sorrow and the biggest cry

and the biggest shadow of inner sex and outsider

clothes in the name of the energy and the mystical

force of huge kisses and unshaped tendernesschichis2

and always again and again and again like

an infinite perverted tonepene

an infinite oral sex speaking

nalgasfinalan infinite jumbo sized plastic model

an infinite decibels

louder than a orgasmic woman groan

never stoped never born never sold.

Never mind this machine is always unthoughtchichis2language of tits

tightly burn

tightly soap of loving skinpene

loving air

loving and unloved couples

and sharing the oil, infinite purpose

as an infinite complot of throwback

pentration party (unhappy imagination destroyedpene

again and again and again because luxury sin

is always the worst) where everybody was

shamed of its function,language of tits

machine infinite in the city of sorrowchichis2

and painful mechanic impulse

sexual collapse machine, machinary breastpene

biggest than an orange, and all forgotten

unhealthy way of think about sadness and silence

again and again and again into the inner shadow.




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