Rómulo Pardo Urías escribe

Everything is against tobacco and I smoke

This is the age of running

but not as the run

of a locomotive

but the run of the air

and the run of the water

the same run of the nature,

not the run of burned wood.

And the race is always

to be healthy

and to deny

the dark side of nature: the death.

Is that the dark side of nature?

Who knows what bright or dark is?

There are many kinds of deaths,

as atomic bomb proves.

And I smoke,

more than 35 cigarettes,

and maybe

I will get cancer,

or maybe I wont,

but I will die,

some day, certainly,

and I don’t run anymore.

Many people runs everyday

more and more

and they will die too

but they run and they believes

that smoke

is the worst thing

of the XX century.

And I smoke,

more and more,

and they run.

They are living

a nice and athletic life,

a good shaped life,

a technocratic

and neoliberal life:

they start their day

at 5 am

and they drink

orange juice,

and the are vegans,

and they read

Murakimi’s books,

and they run

the Boston Maraton

and maybe they are insured

by some bank

and maybe they believe

that Disneyland is a nice place

and they maybe travel

many distances to give a conference

and maybe

they don’t want

to have babies

or maybe

they don’t like to have sex

with strangers

and they drink tequila

and beer

and sake

and they get drunks

one sunday at the month.

And I smoke,


I was seventeen,


I don’t drink


just coffee,


I can understand

the athletic

way of living


I don’t have sex

with strangers

and I think that

I am a kind of

living junk

of XX century


I don’t believe

in future

or marxism

or postmodernity


I won’t get

a Ferrari

and every day

the forgetfulness

whisper in my ear:

you will run once again.

Many people runs

every day


my life

is a big ashtray


I smelt like smoke


I’m smoke


my father

is  an oncologist

and my mother

died of cancer


I still smoking

35 cigarettes

as my grand father did,

and we will

never forget

the atomic bombs


I have never read

Murakami’s books.

And sport

are antidepressing people



was a sacred plant

as hikuri was

as cacao was .¿was it?-

and the

british men commerces

with tobacco

since XVI century


the american goverment

sent the order

to dropped

the atomic bomb in 1945

and nowadays

the black legacy

is bigger than

the aztech legacy

or maybe I’m just

a decrepit sinner


I build my self

with hate



but I used to

like the Beatles

until psychodelic trance

destroyed my sense of music.

And people runs


they could be

affraid of terrorism

and they could have been working

fourteen years

to buy a pent house

in Manhattan

and they like

to avoid porn,

the second worst thing

of XX century,


I seems to be a moralist


I can’t rhyme a verse

and this is not poetry,

it is a

poor verbiage speech.

Everything is against tobacco

and I smoke

a cigarette right now.








2 respuestas »

  1. No soy especialista en poesía pero sé lo que me “dice algo” y lo que no. Y, como dijera “El cartero” a Neruda, “la poesía es de quien la necesita”; hoy retomo este poema para compartirlo con otro que la necesita también.

    Me gusta

    • Es un honor leer tus palabras en este sitio. Para compartir, para ensanchar el mundo, para decir algo, para transformar, es para lo que escribo. Me llena de gusto y alegría saber de visitas como tú aquí. Bienvenida cuando gustes y para compartir lo que desees.

      Me gusta

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