Rómulo Pardo Urías escribe

One age of full meaningless

The age of references

is dark of light and sadness,

because it is full of non sense.

Unmeaning anything, reaching

nothing and teaching saturated

culture, as a broken machine

locked on movement killing

people, all those meanings,

that means the same that poverty,

climbs the mountain of letters

and books and images and names.

An we are scared of being anybody

because we eat vegetables and salads,

because we avoid smoke and excesses,

because every breath we take is narrow

of pollution and our bodies are shaped

by some cartoons and some sports,

but we build a post petroleum society and

individual too, and we fill our eyes of light

again and again and again until we are blinds.

An this age is blind as a nobel price said

and we don’t seems to get any love ever

because when the sun born we begun to rise

a shading rumor called words and verbs.

We are chased by our equals every second

reaching cool flows of time, but the locked machine

broke our hearts and the flesh, spiritual body,

collapsed into a febrile way of misunderstood.

Why do we felt that God is with us?

Because the blindness of our time

is a road to nowhere and an trip

to the certain stage of being an hologram.




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