Rómulo Pardo Urías escribe

Deeply over suns of silence

There was a temple

where we can fly and light our destiny.

Now I’m only a messenger

of solitude voice, eternity rain

always seeking us to be aside of limit.

Long distances made us build

engines and machines, but not life.

So the light became shadow

inside of us… I’m only a messenger

of this ruin time called XXI century.

My approach is nearby an unusual tongue

of broken languages of sins and flesh and ashes

and all that we despite being what we are

here where the history is ending as a sinful lie.

I can’t beside speak about anything

and always is in my mind a name

broken my self, finishing my present,

a kind of believe, a kind of road, a kind

of naming this vocal inflection.

So I felt down every day

over the face of suns

killed by our race, and this is all

what I can be, this verse truly false.

Are anybody going to release my soul

of the strength of forgiveness? Should I continue

this path and journey to the mouth of the time?

What I can tell is what I don’t know, now

is today always the falling down to suns of silence.


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