Blogging poético

Postinternetical lanscape

Does everything pass throughout
internet vibes and sites?

Are we different from one hundred years ago people?

We try to love and to rise a life

and we watch the clouds, tenderly white.

Nobody can deny our times collapsed

every day, here, on this destroyed planet.

Are we living intelligence?

More and more we deserve the guilty blame

of sorrow landscapes. Above the horizon

are the living capsules of our ancestors and gods.

We deserve a kiss, blue skies, snowy fields,

we deserve more and more atomic feelings.

We are the most people seeking people.

That’s our shame, our shame about eternity.

Do we have a beginning? We have been caotized with trash

our singe unique home but into our generations

we left books and letters and science and music.

We will forget the politics and the years and the birthday

we will forgive the sun eating us as one black hole in the ski.

We will die, certainly, and we won`t overpass

the tinny infinite called human existence.



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