Romulaizer Pardo English texts

Flying attacking motivation

Do we deserve a kingdom

of nudity? We aren’t lambs

on this creepy country.

Our field is empty of emptiness

fulfilling us, terrifying God.

Our will is a tongue

filling the shape above us:

nothingness arising in our feelings.

Do we clean up our heads for being

especially hurt by nudity?

All around we can’t say what

we want, we can’t reach amazing

young tits, we are not saved

for being important. Who knows?

We climb once the blue tender lips of skies

and we, among the silence,  sharpening

the mouth of sorrow are beating the fire

of pornographic age. And we cry once,

we love once, we carry on once, we forget once.

But we can’t have a nice couple of books

and we can’t sell them

and we can’t practice or English

and we can’t even think about

other people rights. And we deserve

a fatty body, we deserve our meals,

we deserve cancer and death. We deserve

to heal the shadow of infancy and tell the single

puzzle true about smashing souls.

And we fly

while we try

while we cry

while we sight

inside the inner

combo of sex and light and lettered

columns of paper and pencils and childhood too.

Because this tiny tongue speaks

we deserve some nice sexual desert

some dirty sexual desert

some nasty sexual desert

as a black nice espresso,

as an infinity tale called

a question: what else

can we have here

where everything is getting destroyed

as no one will be alive

for the end of times?

And we are trying again to find a mix

of verses and sounds

but we can fill in

because we left on

pieces around a finding

error of fire collapsed

tiny mouth. This

atonic template

temple found

me chilling






it’s called

human brutality.

Many women will die

and we couldn’t find

the way to get in love with them.


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