Romulaizer Pardo English texts

And no religion too

Imagine there’s no heaven

John Lennon


Drug time

we cry again

over sins and solitude masks

we deserve this smashed tongue,

we try always to rise somebody affection

but we own shadows… above us

singleness fulfill us, plenty of us

will die tomorrow:

Which is the meaning of strong

families? When we scroll this tinny

appetite —this swallowed sexual instinct

hazarding our memory and body—

we crawl down the being and the bee and the do

is nothing else but the way we were again

a curly, perverted, shinned capitalistic age.

Our coin is against us

and we are against the monkey man

that climb over our heads

smiling for the audience.

Do we deserve our latin names?

We can’t handle the mistake

of being and our sorrow speaks

louder than the sun.

We forgot as we forgive.

Please don’t punish the destructive landscape

insulting this minute,

please, call 911

and let me be miss understood

the rest of this machine life.



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