Romulaizer Pardo English texts

Spam Man Series

Will I get the dignity of my lettered work? Do my literature worth anything? I have many things to improve my writing. Sometimes I feel like an amazing spam Man. Nobody gives me a review of my books, nobody writes about my blog, nobody has time to spend to read my poems. I have no change on this globalized lettered ecumene.

Show me as a suffering man, reveal me as a kind of trashy poet, a kind of person outside the boundaries of common topics doesn’t mean that my eccentricity is guaranteed. Every time I wrote I speculate about my public life. Maybe I must leave the show, focus on my targets and pay attention to objective projects. But this site is one of my dearest projects on life.

I’m a Historian, trying to get a PhD, studying on a postgraduate program. I’m a poet, a kind of writer. I blog to have space in this world to express my self. Sometimes I feel guilty because my name, Romulaizer, is associated to pornographic content because I used to have a cultural and porno blog. 

  • I made an aesthetic rearguard by empowering the concept pornopoiesis
  • I’m a recycling visual artist
  • Sometimes I think is useless my try
  • But I get well when I see my site online
  • A Spam Man, as I am, won’t be able to delete his self on the globalized lettered ecumene
  • My theoretical approach to literatocentrism is not innocen

I don’t read about politics, economy, culture, art. I’m living in the ignorance spleen. I have made many things. I won’t get the big audience now. I’m here to tell the world I’m alive. Besides I want to tell you, people, that maybe I’m a kind of arrogant guy, a kind of unhappy guy, a kind of suffering man. Inside of me I have others things, that I will show you. This is an opportunity to rise mi self. I’m bilingual in some way. Feeling as a Spam Man is to know, for sure, that the worlds keeps moving on, above my capricious way of been.  

What’s an SpamMan?

Making some digital collage, distorting some images, using a simple basic Mac pictures editor, I get this results. 

Spam is define as a non desired mail

I haven’t any originality. I’m not a creator. I’m a recycler on the global pastiche. 
Follow your leaders, follow your instinct, follow the shape of your heart. Be happy world. Suffer is an option, but misery is a necessary reality. 
I must fly to other spaces, I must try to reach others persons, I must try to skip my acknowledges desire. 
Someday, maybe I will waste my life again. At least I wrote to you.

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