pixeland art

Spring spleen and the wind

Trying to be, not just trying, being.

I have had always the bad feeling about my English. But I insist to learn it as when other language. I belong to a Latin tradition, using of all the romance languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portugueses, by a very low level of acquisition. I proceed to try to learn German, but meanwhile I continue practicing my Britannic knowledge.

I know life is a continued group of forces, so my interest is to document the life in a particular mode. As the upper paint the movement and the shadows allow to contemplate the lightness, so on the characters, first of all the scenery. By intersection of speeches, I know art can’t de define absolutely but expressions would can be.

Renato Natali (Italian 1883-1979)
Viejo Livorno (Plaza Cavalotti)

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