Romulaizer Pardo English texts

Japanese distortion

While the life its not here neither there nor everywhere, Japan, 2002.

When you loose your mind by a narcotic life episode many things went wrong. When you realized that your life wouldn’t be the same, the inner broken soul ignite herself. Do any one remember the smokers in Japanese Railroad? Many days pass from the beginning of life until its end. Certainly we keep our actions in unknown ways. But we don’t get the attention of the passengers or the vehicle. We get the attention from who we never imagine.

We belong to times and spaces, we belong to words and symbols. We belong to letters and readings. I can recall that on my trip I red La Fontaigne and Huxley. I read to The Celestin prophecy of Redfield. I was carrying with many bagaje. I don’t know to travel lightly. I was passing through a hard moment. I dreamt a lot of mysterious things. I was obsessed with the enigmatic girl. I forgot then my goal to be an International Global Events anthropologist. I lost my sense of self. I vandalized in Tokio, the first night. I pay the price years after. All along my youth I dilapidated money, time, opportunities. When I came back to Mexico I broke again.

Vandalizing Tokio wasn’t enough major problem, but was a minor vandalizing act. I got over an sculpture being public. My family took a photo of me. Then I got down the piece. Police officers approach to us to advice me to get down the sculpture, but was too late. I have the picture on my personal achieves. It was completely annoying. I was absolutely out of me. I was Twenty years old.

Japanese distrito was my respectful fault, my egoist instinct, my personal desire. But imagining other ways, the Japanese journey allowed me to renounce to my life. I blended up all the possible cultural references and situations. I took photographs. I walk in major cities in the Island, practicing my flaneur way of living. I always like to walk along sites and locations, since I was a kid. It is a paternal heritage to walk for me. So I traveled in those Japanese cities as Nigata, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Matsushima, Yokohama, Saiki and Tokio of course.
The life put in order every event and episode, the difference is the narration we build about it, the believes we put in practice, the way we take and affront the parcial destiny we can get.

Shinkansen. Must watch:

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