Romulaizer Pardo México Codice Digital

El corpus romulopardouriasiano ¿existe?

Low leagues feature
scrambling solitude.
Further more once we fly
lightly once more we red
against profusions, feelings
episodes. Even I could recover
memories from tenderness vault?
We transformed into seekers.

Balancing buckles eats casualty
loops. Meaningful plasm, torched kiss
dismissing again every tot. Rainbow flowers
surfacing us, trembling from shorts films.

Do I can be what I have wrote?
May I get in the fulfills passengers, strangers mutes, mute on, mute off?

We are not what we been but we won’t be mirrors for eternity.

Do may be be pleased by your sight?
Would you mind to hide?
Strangers mutisms notes, peripheral magnitude shines on:
almost every yestardey: fly, fly, fly away.
Our lovers are well seen? Our times and life had been well described?
Good bye for at least farewell, fairy well.

Do I, by my self expand the finishing torrent of postures and gestures.

Good bye and farewell, fairy well.

From every were to every there for ever.

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