There was a time singing to us
the leadership to build
coral barriers of tears and sights.
We used to felt the deep shine
of blind waves inside, the inner mode
following the scape and tongue
called to fulfill the sky with love.
We surrender our smiles to the risk
of solitude moonlight nights, we, above
this emptiness clouds, were born in the side
among flutes, guitars and combs of chords
meaning nothing else more
than the existence we reached out.

One day this singer time collapsed
into pieces of puzzles shortened
by threatens and monologues. We surf
the light and trend the symbolic spot
forgetting the time sound and voice.
And puzzles was incomplete around the fire
meaning trashing the life and silence.
But into the darkness belonging we cuts
the time air and forgive the tiny mountain
builded to constrict the social contribution.
And there, on that far land absent of dreams,
we defined the names of bodies and souls.
We will be always blind to get through
the thoughts of sinners and bands, copying
the gang style but being a simple card of breath.

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