When this body
march to the eternal
path it will find
against this mind
sorrow and time
meaning of shadows
springs in collapsed
tongues and sparks.
Getting into an inner mode
once my body destroyed
the material force
it will arrived to the end
of the edge and fall
through the speech of lost
translations of words
and calls to few people
around this world.
There will be a ton of songs
surfacing me, my body and I
will achieved the meeting
with mermaids of death
to find the way to get around
the solitude melody
that must be reached
by eyes and tears,
by whispering love
and light to the symbol inside
the resort of painful chances.
Once I’ve left this conventional
body, Will I deserve to be
a lonely rider of spirits roads?
I must believe in something more
than defragmentation of myself
to believe, once again, that in the end
of all my days I will be here,
meeting the songs of tenderness love.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com