pixeland art

Collages series 1

Mixed Pixeland Art 1

I passed through out a season of creation with images, making what I’ve called poetic irreverence that might approach to be a kind of digital art. Now I’m getting back to the manipulation of images and the creation of new senses of visual being, as the result of my inquiries toward pictorial art and the reuse of its materials. I’m trying to name this kind of approach as pixeland art, by the metaphor of pixel as images, building a land, a country of visual state. The artistic mode can’t be replace with solitude intuition, but in this attempt I want to practice too, my speech, visual and linguistic, to get inside an aesthetic experience to my public. In the piece above, called Mixed pixeland art 1 I try to build a sense of saturation and multicolor sense of visual think, and too to Sharpe some details by putting on together divergent segments of visual speech. The deatails can be seek as a kind of journey to revel the state of meaning like a body or a person, like some shapes and forms that tries to recall one saturated meaning. The use of colors can be placed as an experimental resource of translating the experiences builded by the contrasts, the light, the shadows and the agglomeration of elements.

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