Romulaizer Pardo English texts

Amazing memory

If I were an atom
tranced in the middle
of the human ocean
I could recall
images and feelings.
If I were a piece of life
I could remain in the mountain
beneath the shadows
under the skin of eternal
I’m just a men
neither a ballon
nor a stone
and my heart beats
some times fast
some times slow.
I’m just here
sitting in the single desktop
where I find my self
and I write, every day.
If I were a piece of balad
I must be armory and rhythm
to fill the strength go love and life.
If I were a common citizen
I could trace the path of politics and culture.
But I’m just a men avoiding monologues,
seeking beautifulness and lightness
in the middle of this human ocean.
So if I were other person
I could write something more
but I’m just who I am, here,
where the stories end.

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