Emptiness collapsed into voices
while desert flows around the silence.
The crown consist in shadows
or songs and tales between solitude.
Vacuity song arise on the sky
vacuity song deny the limits
and surfaces of meaning light.
Strong hit and breath building sorrow
tremendous act of being nobody,
wild silence, wild death, wild ode
into darkness arriving, into soul
getting deeper and deeper.Besides
the touch and the care and the tenderness
vacuity song describe the fulfilled
paint and letter, the unequal change
and treat. Vaccine our times
if desire comes murdering
the body hazard called love.
Vacuity song strong and full
of unknown shapes and forms
please fill in this tone and get inside
what is above cities and lands and persons.
Vacuity song demanding from us
a kind of meaning to get across
stars, universes, galaxies, after all
to met our destiny that is called love.
Vacuity song.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com