Emergent life
torrent of meaning
beneath our destiny
climbing clouds
names the colors
ashamed by forces.
Singing sun despite
of all what we can build
sinner time, collapsing
capsule, named by hazarding
our silence to the moon.
Uncomfortable tongue
speaking louder the solitude
when we reach the sky
in the body of our feelings
and we clicked away the path
fulfilled by the morning diamond.
Once we try to be deserts
and we flown into deepest hurricane
inner storm, but we define
what we can learn into shadows
and lights, always seeking to forget
what attach us to the letters.
And we can’t avoid every single piece
of love and tenderness because
we arrive near the impact of bodies
and we love and eat our lover
with entire desire, with passion, with strength.

Photo by How Far From Home on Pexels.com