Romulaizer Pardo English texts

Soon or later

There is a small tongue speaking
with the inner light of sun
and its song becomes shiny
when speaks about love.
There is a sight strong
seeing life and wind
turning into being and time
when ages of life becomes
nothing but silence and eternal body
of letters and souls.
There’s a tiny heart beating
against the rainy fall of sorrow
attempting to build one balad
of tenderness and beauty
to fulfill the meaning of living hearts.
There is a beloved mouth in world
that wants us to reach the surface of kissing
and to get together into community
to avoid selfishness and egoism.
There is one pome, one verse, one word
that awaits for us to keep warm,
to be happy, to rise again our face
to the equal language of spiritual song.
And we find every single day
motives to be alert and awake
to learn something and to reach the sky:
We don’t have enough fight to climb
the mountain of loneliness but we seek
for sure the meaning of rise and build
a home sweet home with whom we love.

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