In my self sight
my sorrow breaks
the meaning of shadows.
While my tongue speaks
my body awakes
to the light. In this world
the unusual song
arise as climbing man
to reach the peek of solitude.
But in the other world
the sunshine emerge to born,
once, the symbol of times.
In this mode of call
the true develops
collapsed tears and the mood
of shining languages
spokes to the silence ballad.
The surrounding surface
called soul increase the scope
to get inside the reaching spark
so the temple called life
must be filled by the water of joy.
And in the impact of being
I can rescue the music
to be a free butterfly and bird,
to conquer the inner peace,
to eat from the sun and God
every inch of self confident rest.
So in my mind there’s a tone
to get apart the fresh instinct
and to avoid the trombone of darkness.

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