Once I’ve belonged to a lover
to lover that song the minuet
balad spoke to wind tongue.
Sealed their body with mine
in amatory mode, my tenderness
spoke too with music and verse
that arose into happiness work.

Once I’ve belonged to her mineral
breast, to her natural hips,
to her savage lips, and her soul
demands of me more than words,
acts and material touches, senses
and cares, and in this kind of mutual love
my being of her, my belonging to
her sex and body, to her flesh and heat,
was just a marvelous timing
soul combined with eternal
feeling to be equality remaining mixed souls.

once I’ve belonged to a mystical woman,
sculptural figure and body was her youth
that black magic coursed my eyes and mouth,
once I’ve got in love with her and nothingness
can’t broke the spell that made me love her
away of anything around any world and place.
But in one point she felt against my self
destroying our sympathy, our union and link
and she flown away, letting me down, broking
my heart, since that day I am, nothing buy a clown
crying inside, laughing to mass, trying to find, to
forget and forgive and to leave every memory
about, my belonging to her, to her sexual desire.

in the middle of this, now I’m an obscured design
human residual companion of toads and spiders
with loneliness images and shaping in mirrors
some truly desires, for being more than a man
a forgettable sorrow, a forgettable time,
a meaning without reference, a sign without sound. +

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com