I am and will be a residual being
a post industrial cultural waste
a postmodern unmeaning fact
as a grain of sand in the beach.
But my life couldn’t describe
the eternal History that lead me
to seek shapes and structures
under the darkness, timeless
speech and beneath my feeling
surrounding me, like thunderbolts
breaking up shadows lighting them
with torrents of what is my creed:
the light in all its forms, meanings and beings.
As the tale said first things rised was light
then was the verb
then was one stirpe
one blood and one name
betrayed by David as the Bible
have registered. And my amazing ignorance
is not just my postindustrial residual tongue
is as well my unrespectful way of being
my misbehave in an anarchyst mode
an deinstitutional mechanism as a biographycal
path, a journey despite the attempt to form
dialogues, friendships, homehoods,
relationships, all what is ruled by well know
roman institutions.
As a waste of money, time, love, cares,
flesh, sex, readings, writens, asignements, my cycle
is rising up or downing to the valley
that lead me down to an ignorance tale.
And in this verse
my own design a kind of dust
a single words game
gaming to be arrogance song
balad and minuet betrayed by David again
the mystical genealogy of light preservers
the first of all times treasure, the most valuable
object, matter, thing and quality
to give and rise life, to avoid darkness and shadows
to complete the sacred meaning of trinity power.
In this shadowy century, postindustrial darkness
decade, hater time of dispute and selfishness,
my tale can’t be other thing than dust of this
parade of light of lights, neither a thunderbolt to the audience
nor a lightning bolt to spill to the surface
of this nightmare begun some decades ago.
This verse and this false
poetry should become
ignorance tales
ignorance fall
quiet false dust of light parade song
minuet balad madness above
sky and trombone harmony crack
inside and within the storm of memories
called constriction eruption destroying
strength desire enough paranoid torpedo
speechless capsule into magic eternal cosmic
silence, light all of the countless years
before this dust of mine can tell this tale
of nothingness, this call of light dust.

Photo by Masha Raymers on Pexels.com