I’ve reached unmeaning touch
secretly found spoken my unity
distorted, muted my soul, jamming
times unequal voice: straight to blacker
darkest night misbehave into nasty fantasies
under chaos and destructive sexual dreams.
Unique touch misunderstood of her
dismissing her body and soul and flesh and taste.
Unique distemporary feeling
country of solitude flashing into bad attempts
to be a defeated warrior. Mythological aspect
the monumental nightmare around
and rounding surrounding my phlegmatic ego.
Disruptive psyche and broken history
personal desire in the minute truly of unloved.
Nasty boundaries and fatale tales
questions written in yellow pages
red note the pillow rising my dream
red as her blood every month until the end.
Misbehave my self ruining lives since the beginning
until the end, the Nobel year, Canetti’s year,
provocative speeches, languages, verses,
profusion tried to being poetry but just making noise.
Noisy arouse my grounded being, in the ground
the meaning of light, the graph, the written spark
as sign inflict in the movement to avoid her.
To fast to forget, to slow to get, to blind to see,
to rightful to respect. Unmeaning touch created my song
unnecessary unhappy unequal unreachable unforgettable.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com