Slaved to an instant
quitting to freedom
since unloved raise
under, inside, next to me
I’ve broke the law
and my rebellion is
to nothing and nobody.
Unmeaning life
short as a comet
will spark the sadness
pound installed and blossom
in my flesh, my breath, my mind.
Twenty years after karma’s
continued denoted ruining lives
since 1981. The fait proceed
to fill the context
in ruined verses and depressive
shapes called solitude and loneliness.
Nice century to be the enemy
of every common sense
and break the institutions
by anarchist speeches
in the middle of the street.
No God no Master, slave of a moment
unmeaning person, untime, unloved,
unspeak, unsensen, waxed
psyche exposed to all.
Nice century to be a donkey
less sensitive
less smart
less hearted
less brave
than my unique name
equal to ruined destiny.

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