This mood called love
means time and people
under the nightmare
of being bombed
with sex, flesh and bodies.
This name written love
smash all sadness,
destroy all intrigues,
explodes in holly light
sparks into inner harmony.
What does love mean to us?
Whiter than snow
shiner than thunder
tenderer than rose
love means more than words,
acts and attitudes
means be along
the river of shadows
called depressive mode,
means be far away from
uncivilized storm
concerning destroying and kill
whatever we know.
Love means to be
a strong hold
the biggest kiss
the richest tongue
to speak and feel
the shinning of the sun,
the universal song,
the cosmic time
that will reborn
us to the infinite
balad that swore
to be the holiest
stuff in the entire world
this is called love.
Infinite search
to build joy and fun
backward the fight
between darkness
and blood with light
and strong tones
of millions of people
in the face of this smoked
act called survival. Belong
here, at this place full
of pollution, means to be while
we rise against the critic
soul of being forgotten
by being the motive
to love and be love.

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