By the way of childhood the meaning of seek anything in the world collapse in words. I’m not a native speaker of English, I had passed my entire life taking English baths in all my ages. So my bad English could give us a change to speak lauder. I some kind of worlds the understanding of life, air, water, food, time, cares, are important things to realized and apply. The difficult for make a move in the intellectual world is not given easy, it is just one shot in a million. So the understanding of being alive is quite unique and unsold. We draw patterns in time and space, with the motion to move other people, by words, by acts, by believings, by distances, and so on. Maybe I’ve got an audience, maybe I have not. But all the moves, tracks, foots and steps toward this time has been shorten by the fire of get lost so many times. I am not the person whom do I write, I’m a practitioner in the writing skills. The real meaning is the register, the journey, the way to recall and, of course, the way to avoid a responsibility. So deep there’s a kind of conflict between an albañil and a lettered man. Now I know I’m a labour class writer. So there’s not anything exceptional in this narrative. So many characters and no structure, some books, some travels, some ideas and screaming around written notices.

Once you get an office your soul would seek the path to increase your attitudes in your life career. Once you got an office in the holy lord land you took adventage of some tricks and funnies. The light was before all. We know it but we hided it. At the beginning we can fantasy about marvelous ways and roads to journey and pass through. There are witches and sorceress, there are dragons, there are tones of music and paintings. As a bad English speaker the theme is to put one to another word in consonance. I’m not a good hearer but in my free times I like to fantasy speaking this bad English. The retroactive way of spell myself is a kind of unwritten soliloquy that explode by saying nothing and being nothing. Imagined pieces of speech the tales and narratives arising here’re just distortions of reality. The big and the small feelings retrieve the underground anti cultural move to the break of rules, norms, positions, a kind o rebellion forge in the intimacy.

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