In the foundation of the eye and the sight a little boy found the nude female body and became surprised so deep. But the build of the sight got strong by watching details in reality: insects, clouds, fields, mountains, plants, trees, houses, toys. This boy was affected with a hard desire to be attended and be listened, gifted with a particular language gift and a unstoppable speech imagination. This boy were a watcher since the very first time. Watcher too of books and crafts, of cans and stuff, of paintings and art, of disc and photos. Watcher too of little girls and boys, of his brother and sister, of his father and mother, watcher of lines and squares. This little boy grew up and become a man that can’t understand what is inside his mind and his heart. Living a chaotic life his sight is full of noise and unusual shapes. By the daily life way his moves are weak and soft and his breath is plenty of smoke. This watcher is giving to the world a kind of symbol and expression, a kind of poetry, a kind of voice to the world, that is unnecessary. But in the acting life of this watcher the intention of describe a unique solution of the way of being in the XXI century is what he care the most. This watcher can be unsafe of being criticized but he takes he risk to give the world his talks to try to build a way to be in this digital world.

Photo by Julia Volk on