I just have realized about the NFT world. Suddenly in my Twitter timeline appears Ishika Guha, an England based artist that blow up my mind. Even if I could be in love with her I just begun to inquiry about NFTs. The worse part was to know that I would need to open an account available to buy crypto currencies. So I open an account on Coinbase. But this was the first step. In the process I knew I need to have an active wallet to sell my images. I’m a images creator since many time ago but I don’t event can imagine I can sell my images. So the problem were when I got to open an account on Opensea or CoinbaseNft to upload my images and put them in market. So the problem here forme me is to capitalized my wallet. For operating your wallat as active you must have $500 dollars, at least 9,000 pesos, so far away from my economy. And the other problem, too were to have an special Visa account to buy and receive crypto currency orders.
So, I’ve just can put on sell some images of mine as NFT. But this cultural change really affects me.
Greetings and open your Coinbase Wallet.

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