Finishing my Ph D doesn’t meant to me opportunities and success, for the opposite I got, here in the actually conditions where my circumstances moves a kind a sub employed to pass the days meanwhile other opportunities appears in the horizons. I had passed through difficulties in my Ph D studies days that finished the past January the 24th and then I’ve got into a transmutation process where now I’m on. Exhausted, really tired and with high levels of tiredness and fatigue after complete my thesis and dissertation, I took some weeks to take a rest and occupy myself in other stuff and situations: home care and reorther spaces, seing people ann passed time with them, cook, bake and roast food, between some activities.

In the middle I’m discovering routes to beggin new roads and paths as the way opened to me with the discovery of NFT world, economy and culture. Other interesting route is the change for me about the traditional social network priority Facebook to others that refresh my point of view and interact. One more is the route of remeant my work here in romulaizerpardo dot com by expanding it with my Tik Tok account and by adding my effort and struggle to retake write.

Finally, I’m glad because even with my bastard English dialect I am very grateful with Ishika Guha my platonic love, art inspiration and personal motivation for learn, improve and continue approaching to English, art and NFT world, Twitter and expressive-creative dimension. Thanks Ishika.

Second day withouy buying a cigarette box, first day without smoking. Nicotine detox.

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