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A really true try, attempt, and effort to write some pieces in English, trying to practice it, trying to give something. Some mexican’s English exercises. Verses, ideas, feelings, and much more.

Chaos machine

This middle of lifereturns to nothingnessabove our inner skyso we can fly against the flow of shadows. Meaningless surfing wordsscale the summermeanwhile the timecolapse those mirrorscalled selfishness. We can’t own our individualtongues […]

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When the times flyand the eternal songremains loudthe light of loveappears on the sky. When solitude monologuestend to shadowsthe eternal songappears on the horizon. Why do we need to seekthe lightness in […]

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The meaning

We act sometimes without emotionand we live sometime within lightness.We build days and meetingsin the surface of solitude. We climb efforts and fights,we believe many ideas and feelingsby surrounding signs and images. […]

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To be a poet

Do being poet meansto be outside the speakingnoise of meaningless things?When poetry came insidean ancient spirit touch us.Being a poet, as you know,is to be a suffering soulseeking one piece of freedomin […]

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Once I’ve found timeonce I’ve lost silence.Nevermore the life will bethe sameagain, never more the lovethe strengththe sunwill fly free inside my self.Then I’ve seemed to be onebut I’ve never been since […]

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