June the first and that 2002 vandalized Tokio street

That night I've danced with all my soul. Were you watching to me? The men voice told me: you are crazy and you are going to keep on the trip. Anyway, that morning I began to scream harder: where are the psychoanalysts? Well, that night in Tokio I began to scream against the rest of my … Continúa leyendo June the first and that 2002 vandalized Tokio street


And it’s all right

The hell is running all around and I miss you. I will never know how it feels to kiss you or huge you or make breakfast for you and its all right. I deserve this 16 years of repentance. I knew I won't get nothing screaming and all what I've got was miserable and hateful. … Continúa leyendo And it’s all right

A single homeless in this uncertain universe

Being an academic homeless as being a homeless poet a homeless thinker is being the nothingness itself surrounded by this lettered universe. Here where I am the music doesn't sounds the love isn't for real the smiles are just againts one tinny reason, mines, and here where I am breathing there is nobody as there … Continúa leyendo A single homeless in this uncertain universe

Soon or then

Windy life I asume that won't be true the rest of this tale. Speaking tongue teach me the way up or down I need to say, good bye my love. Windy life trust me true is the head of light and quickly is the shape of ocean. Shamed ahead that flows around price my vocal, … Continúa leyendo Soon or then

The violence of being nobody

One touched soul is burning meanings above our acts. We climb the skyscraper of nothingness surfing against a megabytes wave of shadows. Suddenly the sun arrives and kill us. We have been killed every eternity at the same time. They command and distribute every single piece of being, we cry, we deserve tears and ashes, every single … Continúa leyendo The violence of being nobody