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I would like to share this space to build a porno reflexive site.

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Seeking for a feminist contemporary critic

Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. April 2019

I would like to receive a specialist critic of my work about pornographic digital art. It tries to be a self-bioetnography poetically build. I’m trying to search the meaning about a psycholical problem as well as a phenomenical treat of woman perception. I have red some Sontang’s material as well as Bataille. I haven’t read a certain fountain of western erotism as the Sade Marquis. I’ve red a very interesting book from Evelyn Reed. My mother was a Mexican peculiar woman, that rise me with a social inquiry about many matters. She is called Margarita Urias Hermosillo well interpreted by my unique sister, Luisa Pardo Urias on a very interesting theater piece with her company Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol(2010). I came from this family Urias Hermosillo from Chihuahua, with a wide horizon of research, artistic, intellectual and social sciences work, that lead my life through an Apache identity. 

My father’s family is from a medical tradition rounding the ontogenetically time of modern medicine in Mexico at the beginning of the National University in early XX century. 

I’m not sure about the Hispanic postpornographic turn, but I’m certainly conformed when they and the feminist global intelligence affirms that the woman deserves equal rights, same opportunities, medical attention and some others rules. 

I don’t have a bad intention neither on the generation of a false impression about the woman nor to get a considerable amount of money by making this project. I would like to emphasized just one of the phenomenological ways to get into the woman aesthetic. The male optic is not well done describe, but the scholar, technical and intellectual field of develop —principally writed but besides graphic an even filmic, part that is not online but can be asked for it with the author, could be some fountain of interest for the crown and audience. The challenge is to make a reflexive effort about a new term pornopoiesis.


Romulaizer Pardo

Romulo Pardo Urias

Send works to: romulaizerpardo@gmail.com

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