Stormy speak’s identity

My voice, strong as a sand storm,

avoid talk, as a storm silence,

reach the sky, like snow storm,

and suddenly, abruptly, comes over the space

like an hurricane to say nothing: all that a man wants

is a tender girl to love or to fuck with.

Then, like a storm again, mi voice overload

the high tender of a chocolate ice cream.

Loosing the noise

I wonder how to love

a girl without a girl

and every day is full

of rain and time.

All those cristal memories

are tired of being shadows

in the passionated storm.

But here I’m putting the lens

and watching how do I love a girl

without a girl. And it’s the end

of something kept very deep inside.

Would you love him?

His soul has no shape

in the hell that his memories complete

and he cannot even cry

until the sunset time of the pallid seed.

He felt once in a lifetime

that light was the essence of  everything.

But he knew the darkness and he knew the suffer

of living in a small room with a tight window

and a tight view with a false blood and a false face

with a single pain above his body and his shame

of being a single in love man.

He grew up with sorrow

and feeling loneliness all around

maybe he never loose his smile

but he lost his love and his peace

he lost his though and his sense

once in a lifetime

when he knew a girl

one single terrifying night.

Now it’s too late for heal

because the hungry flows of nothingness

appears inside him and nobody can rescue

the shining of his inner sun

that childhood shining voice

of tenderness and corn

of happiness and joy.

Which hell is inside him that colapse his sight?

He just remember he was a boy

he went to school

believing in love

that magic feeling

that fill it all.

He used to play the guitar and wrote

poetry attempts with music soul.

Suddenly a mysterious air pass through him,

that spring night that changes his mind,

and cross his head,  and change his soul, and aim his body

into a destructive energy and feeling, into an evilness fight

between the woman images he saw

and the inner destruction of him and his world.

Suddenly he change and he decides to pay attention to dead.

And the dead were near him and one single hell arose inside him.

And he started to suffer and he begun to watch

the darkness and the pain and the sorrow and the hate

as his natural skin, as his medium to fulfill

his destructive way of live, his impatient fantasy

unforgivable of delay

the biggest ache he never felt.

Ten years today

a life without strength, his soul

is ending badly and he cannot forget

that girl

that danced at night

that broke his ear

that touch his sight

that made him miserable

that he never met.

It’s just a tale

you would say.

He is alive waiting to be take

of a single loving woman

that can make him transcend

all those years of sorrow and disgrace.

Would you love a man like him?

Would you be interested to be

a piece of heaven for one single man

that can’t forgive.

Would you know him?

Would you hear him?

Would you love him?

Please don’t tell

the sequence of regret

would you love this man?




A verse to no one

Hidden in a dark flow

the image of one kiss

one lips, one sight, one love.

The time has gone

with this darkness fulfilling,

with those collapsing feelings

around the corner of loneliness,

and these unreached tenderness

of everything that it is covered

by the shadow of a dream.


A postpetroleum man with pornographic unconscious



Here I am, coming back to practice my English. And because of that I’m wondering that I need to read more and more to improve this vocabulary and grama. All what I can say is that my voice is turning ugly when I reach an unexpectable question. I must be writing about other things. I know, here I am, being no body, reading nothing, playing the fool. And I can say that many people could think that I’m a dump when I exposed the fact that I watch porn. My creative journeys with porn are great. They allowed me to change my point of view of adult entertainment. Even a feminism way of view could say that I’m just an alpha male frustrated and that I must seek to have a life, a good life. Then I stop, I wonder about the amount of money involved in everything, I turn on the music and start to believe that could be many wonderful places in the world to be visit. So watch porn is a loss of time but I’m right when I know that I’m saying nothing to the audience. It is just a bad English try, so who cares? There must be many nice girls in the world too. And porn destroyed my sense of feeling, at least my sense of feeling women. But I cook my meals, I try to keep my house in order, I like to make peaceful things like play the guitar or read a book. The incredible thing for me is the shape of the tits of porn women. The violence involved there. The money, the fact of all that can be reached by the sex hungry. I think that sex was holly for the ancients people. Sex must be a holly action, like in Tantra yoga or in other sacred and ritual practices. I stop again, I look at my self, then I decide to believe in a philosophical stream about modernity and I said to my self, como one, porn and modernity has a complete relationship. I need to read more, to know more, to improve my vocabulary and my tense construction. This cultural platform that I’m building is going to be a great challenge for me. Would you follow it?


A postpetroleum society boy: one single and false ilustrated global person

The post fact is everywhere: philosophy, pornography, energy, democracy, and mnany other places. It could be common to think that our world, our way of living is the appropiate way of live or maybe we don’t even have a way of live. Do we? Maybe is wrong to say that the war for potroleum has already started and therefore, some years after, we could be passing through the war for water. And all are ecological facts. But I was thinking about write something else, aproaching to say that here we have many kind of plastic products, that we have cars, that we can fly from one place to another, all normal things to ours. I’, just a boy that know very few things about contemporary world, much more less than a average guy. I don’t read papers. I just read old books that aren’t valid anymore. Besides I thing that humanity has been doing their acts wrong with the develop of modernity. But I haven’t red Lyotard’s book on English so I’m not going to speak about anything concerning postmodernity. Let me guess: you, dear reader, are wondering what I’m trying to say, what’s the point. There’s no point here. Just bluffing about something I coudl never speak about. But our society, digitalized, informatized, globalized, is not just the institutional way, and when I talk about institutions I mean those big institutions all around the world. Here I go again, what’s the point? The point is that I grew up in a kind of world that doesn’t exist anymore. When I grew up there were some values and today there are some others. The postpetroleum society could be put it on the table as a false society always that you ask to her: what’s the big deal with the historic energetic systems? As I man on a kind of isolation, always voluntary, I wrote this from my Ivory tower, not the Michel Ende’s Ivoery tower, mine Ivory tower: fulfilled with XX century trash (as porn, junk food, coke, cigarettes, medicines), with some interesting books and magazines (above all literature, philosophy and linguistics), two computers, a guitarra, some armonic, two dogs, and very much lonelyness (without a girlfriend and a romance), and some other things that doesn’t care right now. I can remember the casettes, that ancient piece of technology of past century, the long plays, even the compact disc, made all of the obviously with petroleum. And i have a new question. Postpetroleum will guide us to a new ecological statement? Where do the ilustrated wave get into this? How knows. I’m not going to speak about Rousseau or Voltaire, maybe I can explain better some facts of the work of an spanish author called Ignacio de Luzan. But it is a false ilustrated consciences that arise inside me because I’m ignorant, I haven’t even finish a bachelor, i don’t enough money to pay any virtual class, I don’t know how to surf the net, and my creative expressions are related with porn. And the por, the world of porn, the culture of porn, the very huge enterprise of porn, is one of the biggest result of this postpetroleum society. What else, the jet set of it. And this disposable speech of mine is going to change nothing. I just needed to practica my English and I though about some interesting thing to write about. Thank you very much for reading and visiting.

Emotive refrigeration

A clear cold inside us
sorrow and loneliness
blue skies shining.
As a fish in the ocean
we don’t understand our selfs.
Liquid pain, this garbage situation.
We around the pond of misery.
Unloved chain reaction.
Fugitive time, colapse,
attempting to fly. Iced kiss.
Not a risk to forget but a field
to abandon amazing figures.
Shape of nothingness
those ancients capsules
containing millions of souls.

This ABC of bad speech English

I’m learning English to try to open my reflexive way of thinking. Soo I need to practice. And for shure is a good idea to begin here. Some people will ask why I choose these kind of experiment to start my English speech. Well as a mexican writer said, we can’t read everything to start and we have to start from somewhere. I’m not a spaciallist of nothing, I’m not a bad person or a perverted. I could even say that I’m here exposing myself with these attempts. I have many things to learn, every day, anywhere. When I decide to learn English I put my self on a difficult time because I used some money for that. A kind of investment. Nothing more. I would read Shakaspeare or maybe Whitman with more than a Spanglish vault inside me. I don’t know, the entire world has something to do with English. IMG_20131224_212625No matter who or what, that lenguage is the universal comunicative coin today. And with these bad speech, that says nothing, I put me on a bad perspective mode: these site, experimental or not, is going to be build as a reflexive site, expresive site, a reference site for me, for my virtual identity. If a could write in English as I write in Spanish I could explain everything to the world. Some people could even thought that it is a colonialism lengauge. Who cares? Me not. For shure I would love to read Milton’s work on English, or even The Ulysses of James Joyce. Maybe the problem is that everything today it’s translated. Maybe we, the human beings, are just in our homes waiting for the things to happen. Maybe my wonders are unfair, invalid or simply mutilated. I can’t recognize a cognate with a false cognate. I don’t have enough grama to build clear sentences. I have many things to learn, everyday, anywhere.

So please, don’t put too much attention to these post. I hope to improve my vocabulary and try to speak about what I really want to speak on these interventions: a kind of testimony of the conflictive inside me borned of grewing up watching porn. And that’s my theme, my topic, mi really content. And I have many articles to read, and many things to complete to being an adult (more than in a moral way). And maybe I’m trying to give back, with these speeches taht I will bring here, a kind of feed to that porn world. And the world and nature is complete wonderful, and the animals are really interesting, and I could choose another theme or topic. I thing is a bad taste in my life speak about porn. But is not just about porn, is about my conception of women, or the false concepction of women that I have. Because it is false, or I want to think as that, all the representation of the women in the porn movies. IMG_20130602_153250Come on, is the sex age or something, but here where I am, that kind of athletic woman aren’t available for porn movies. I know, these is weird and maybe mad. Of course, and I’m a mexican boy, not soo much boy, that have many things to say against porn, and not just against it but to try to ask what does porn do in the mind of a child that doesn’t receive good sexual education. Or something. And many people could say, you are horrible, you are trying to cure yourself with these writing. And that’s all. I want to cure my self with these writing, with these speech. Maybe learn about the greatest problems concerning about the pornographic way of life. I should be inform, but I needed to start. Thanks for visiting and excuse the misspellings.

From Xalapa, a mexican city. This mexican boy called Romulaizer Pardo.

Loosing the light

The punishment of memory

around my days and tongue.

Once a voice told me I was a child.

Nothing hapens in the dark mountain

but my lonelyness arrival.

No forget is with myself, no lover, no woman

no cry in the perfection side of sorrow.

Walking along the river of images

the flow of tears called me wind.

But I’m not a man. I am a camera.

My time is one desert speech.