A verse to no one

Hidden in a dark flow

the image of one kiss

one lips, one sight, one love.

The time has gone

with this darkness fulfilling,

with those collapsing feelings

around the corner of loneliness,

and these unreached tenderness

of everything that it is covered

by the shadow of a dream.


Obsessive slave of one inch moment (bad english poem)

To love you is blacker

than the darkest nigger in slavery times.

Always appears your untrue body,

the false memory about you

inside me. These paranoic thoughts, concerning your beauty.

My Internet seeking of you

and this noise that you are in my life.

Watching famous girls that make me remember you:

many seductive eyes

many shaped bodies

many emptyness along my youth.

Time and speech lost: when was the first time we saw us?

And maybe is just my madness and you are not real.

And no one could chance the world.

And nothing is in the future that help us to avoid our suffering.

The years are always the same.

Each spring I remember our dance.

I know we are not real. I know your are a phantom.

I am the slave of the most insignificant moment of your life.