Do we find a place?

I’ve flown inside

and inner manners 

spoke to the Chaos strength.

I’ve left away the love

and shadows broke my self.

One miserable tongue delay

our shinny time. Do we forget

once the tear we cry? We own

sinner solitude… and we sleep

above critical desires. On the shame

that build us every day, there’s a second

breathing against the flow under our eyes.

We shall be given to the eternal river

this voice should be shoot by this

image of being the poorest on the rest of the world.



Amazing silence’s tongue

Increible lengua del silencio

Do you find me attractive?

¿Te soy atractivo?

Once every day will be forgotten

Una vez cada día será olvidado.

Inner speechless time

Tiempo interior indiscursible

Raped sight with light

Mirada violada con luz

Fairy well meaningless attribute

hasta luego atributo insignificante

What we saw is what we most conserve

lo que vemos es lo que debemos conservar

intact over our tinny sorrowed head

intacto sobre nuestra pequeña cabeza entristecida.

Too much density

Do I felt again

the smiling tongue

of sorrow?

Here my voice depicted

one minute of smoked souls

and then I fly again

to the rain shadow.

Inside this solitude

there’s a summer memory

trying to climb the horizon.

Here I had this shadow of my self

there I will pay the price of attention

and write false English poetry.

Is there a language greater than

episodic atoms of unloved heart?

Suddenly I must forget

everything against my clouds:

this verb and phrase is one of them

and I will never get enough scholarship

I will never understand what is

a single verse, a tiny piece of something

else than lovely inspiration.

What’s love? Where do we seek

the nude body of young women?

Everything could be different

but I wrote it like that and it’s wrong

again, it’s wrong and impolite.

This rudeness shines all around the table.

Then I smoke another cigarette.

It’s too late to unfold my message.

And I don’t know how to get out

of this density called identity.